Principles & Values


Khanya Zuma is from previously marginalized area of Dassenhoek in Marianhill, West part of eThekwini Durban region.
She started the construction company in 2004 and until today, this business runs as the cc. Khanya Zuma then established Lugaju Construction to pursue their socio-economic interests.

This is a wholly owned Black company which provides cleaning solutions, building, construction and maintenance services to public and private clients on a contract basis. Ancillary services are also provided e.g. window cleaning, hygiene services, waste management and garden services.

It is true that the building construction industry is technically advancing because of new ideas and innovations brought by technology.

The heightened intensity of global competition has increased the necessity of building enterprises to continuously improve performance, flexibility, quality and cost.

The building, construction & maintenance part of the Shiyankomo was as a result of a need for small Black contractors to pool their resources, in order to compete in the mainstream of the industry.

In South Africa the cleaning industry is fragmented.

There are a few large players who are generally subsidiaries of larger industrial and services groups, and a multitude of smaller players. Most of the larger ones are Gauteng based and they generally have a national footprint.

In KZN there are an estimated 250 cleaning companies. As a result, there are many opportunities for consolidation in the industry, especially for parties who want to grow their businesses.

The vast majority of cleaning companies in S.A. are white owned so there is still a great opportunity for Black business to infiltrate this sector.